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So Much Snow

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Have you ever felt that some winters just bring so much more snow than others? Elderly individuals or if you live with mobility impairments the added snow is more than just an annoyance it can cause a lot of issues in your everyday life. Leaving your home and traveling can be nearly impossible. We have some tips and advice to help you this winter season to combat all this extra snowfall and help you live your daily life as stress free as possible.

1. Hiring a Snow Removal Company

This may seem like an “I already know that” type of tip but for many people until the snow actually falls we aren’t thinking ahead and getting ourselves added to the lists and routes of these companies. May snow removal companies will require a few months notice so they can have you on their roster for the season and some fill up quickly. Setting yourself a reminder for August or September to call around and seek out a company can mean an entire winter season without having to stress at all about the snow in your driveway or sidewalk.

2. Wheelchair Tune Up

If you use a wheelchair to get around you should make sure it’s finely tuned for the winter season. Getting your tires checked, battery charged, and having an emergency kit with you is a great place to start. The ice and snow can cause all sorts of issues to your wheelchair even if you’re simply going from your vehicle into a store. Having it checked out regularly can prevent undue stress and issues later.

3. If You Have a Service Animal

It’s smart to have your service animal ready for winter and heavy snow. These animals’ feet can become extremely sensitive to the cold weather. Proper footwear or balms can be applied to their pads helping them to deal with the ice, snow, and even the salt laid down on the sidewalks and roads.

4. Shoveling Snow

If you speak to a neighbor, family member, friend, or even your local church or community group you should be able to find someone who has the time to come over semi-regularly to clear your porch, deck, and/or sidewalks of snow. This can be a huge help and many more people are willing to pitch in that you may realize. Having your own shovel available for someone to use can be a huge bonus so make sure you’re stocked up on the shoves and tools needed to thaw and remove the snow even if you’re unable to use these items.