Peace of mind with ezProtection

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When purchasing a device, it is vital to ensure the longevity of your phone. We get it, life happens, and sometimes our devices pay the consequences. Case studies in the US estimated that 5,761 phone screens break per hour. It’s a common problem in today’s day and age of technology. That’s over 50 million phones breaking per year. As much as we love mosaics, we don’t want our phone screens to look like one.

You can keep both your phone screen and peace of mind intact knowing that your Snapfōn® device will be protected. We offer a state-of-the-art protection plan called ezProtection.

What is ezProtection? Well, it’s essentially insurance for your phone. We call it the Extended Warranty, because that’s what it is. Picture this: you’re at your grandson’s birthday party, and a toddler bumps into you, sending the phone flying out of your pocket and onto the hard tile floor. Or you’re in a rush to do laundry and you accidentally leave your phone in your jacket pocket, causing immense water damage. Has this ever happened to you? Don’t worry, Snapfōn® has you covered!  In the case of any accident, it will cover any damage or defect to the device. Our Terms and Conditions page states, “To put it simply, as long as it can be collected into a box and mailed back to us within two (2) weeks, it’s covered.” Just mail it back to us in two weeks, and it’s covered! It’s that “ez”.

We have a hassle-free claims filing process. You can contact us at 800-937-1532. There are a few stipulations that we must address: the benefits of ezProtection are only available if your account is in good standing. Also, sending the phone within that two week timeframe is vital, because your device will not be covered if it’s sent outside of that timeframe.