Cell Phone Statistics in the World Today

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Cell phones have become vastly integrated into the fabrics of our everyday lives. They connect us to our friends and family, allow us to contact doctors, dentists, and other professionals. Our mobile devices have furthered our level of connectivity on the cellular landscape. Here are some important statistics about cell phones in the world today.

1. More mobile phones than people: Intelligence data from GSMA estimates there are about 10.57 billion mobile connections in the world today. Other statistics have forecasted that there are approximately 14 billion mobile devices in the world. Since the global population is 7.8 billion, that means mobile phones vastly outnumber the amount of humans in the world. This is a trend that is forecasted to rise over the next few years. (Source: GSMA, Yahoo)

2. Android vs iOS statistics: Android has the majority of the worldwide market at 71.9%, but only 39% of the US market. i0S is about 60% of the US market, but a smaller percentage of the global market. (Source: Statcounter)

3. Cell phone industry valuation: In 2020, the cellular industry brought in $355,000,000,000 from shipped devices globally. The overall market size value in 2021 was estimated at $1,707,960,000 USD. The revenue forecast in 2028 is estimated to be at $2,467,010,000. This accounts for about a 69.23% increase in the next six to seven years. (Source: Grand View Research, telecomtv)

4. European statistics: There are 472 million people in Europe who have mobile subscriptions. Since the population of Europe is 748,472,642 based on U.N. 2022 estimates, this means roughly 63% of the continent owns a cellular phone. France, Germany, and Spain account for the largest European markets. (Source: GSMA)

As the trend of interconnectivity grows, the use of cellular phones as a multi-functional device becomes more widespread. They’ve become such a prominent part of our culture, and assist us in our daily activities. Snapfon aims to continue to make it easier for you to stay connected.