Self-Care for Older Adults

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We should always be taking care of ourselves and making our health and wellness a priority in our daily lives. As we age life can become very busy and responsibilities of family and work can take a priority over self-care. Then going into our retirement years when we are now given more free time some of us may not be accustomed to doing things for ourselves. So here are a few suggestions to help you focus more on your health, and wellness plus add to your overall self-care as you go into your older years.

One major impact on your health is a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting at a desk all day long for your job can take a toll on your body. With retirement, we are now given some added time in our days that we can focus on getting moving. Simply taking a 30-minute brisk walk daily can increase your physical and mental health substantially. The vitamin D from being outdoors, the fresh air, and the movement of joints and muscles can bring about a better overall feeling in the body and mind.

Doing something you enjoy. This can be different for everyone but adding back those hobbies and passions you may have put on the back burner while you worked your carrier or reared your children can be so important for your mental health. Even starting new hobbies can be a great choice to take care of yourself. Taking up baking, painting, gardening, or even movie watching can be great choices for people of all ages but especially older individuals who may have a lot of time to themselves. Hobbies bring joy and with that your mental health will benefit and your overall wellbeing will be improved. There are many ways to practice self-care as we age and these are just a few examples and suggestions. The main goal of self-care is to improve your mental and physical health and increase your quality of life.