Join the Snapfōn® Network with your own low cost Snapfōn® Service Plan. Bring your own unlocked device to the Snapfōn® Network using our available minutes, texts, and data packages.

Snapfon Service Plans

  • $15Unlimited Talk & Text
  • $20Unlimited Talk & Text + 1GB High Speed Data*
  • $30Unlimited Talk & Text + 5GB High Speed Data*
  • $40Unlimited Talk & Text + 10Gb High Speed Data*
  • $40Unlimited Talk & Text + 20GB High Speed Data*

Prices shown do no include taxes and fees. All pricing is on a per month basis and will auto renew monthly. See full list of plan terms and conditions here:

$ Snapfōn® Network Plan required.


Snapfōn® offers nationwide 5G network coverage to more people and places than anyone else.

Snapfōn’s® 5G network is expanding and already covers close to 250 million Americans in more than 7,500 cities nationwide. No 5G signal goes farther or is more reliable indoors and out.


Enjoy great calling features that help take your plan further.

All of our plans include a number of calling features to help improve your experience and save money. Calling features include 3-Way Calling, Mobile Hotspot, Voicemail Features, Free Domestic Long Distance, and WiFi Calling. With Wi-Fi calling enabled, extend your coverage area for calling, texting, and of course data connectivity while connected to any WiFi network.


Change your plan anytime and enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing you’re never bound to a long-term contract.

What you need today may not be what you need next month. That’s why there are never any penalties to switch your plan. Not signed up for enough minutes, text, or data? No problem. Feel like you are paying for more for what you need? No problem there either.


Forget about surprise fees.

We never charge you surprise overage fees. If you get close to hitting your plan limit, we’ll send you a friendly reminder. You decide if you want to limit-out for the month or upgrade to a plan better designed for your usage patterns. We’ll be happy to help you out with whatever questions you have.