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Great Summertime Activities for Seniors

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Here at Snapfōn®, we look forward to this season of sunshine and encourage you to make the most out of your summer. Of course, safety is always important, so make sure to grab plenty of sunscreen before braving the summer heat. Here are some great summertime activities for seniors.


If patience is a virtue, then summer is the season to be virtuous. There’s no better way to exercise that sense of virtue than by engaging in the great American pastime of bird watching. Depending on the geographic region, there’s a variety of birds that can be seen. Some common birds that are native to North America include House Sparrow, Red-winged Blackbird, Northern Cardinal, and the Blue Jay, just to name a few. You might even spot a Bald Eagle!

Pro tip: birds are most active in the morning from dawn until 11 AM.

Bonus points if you bring your camera so you can share the experience with your friends and family later on.


Question: Why did the fish get bad grades? Because it was below sea level.

They say good things come to those who bait. Sea what I did there? Sorry I couldn’t resist the oppor-tuna-ty for a good fishing joke. Okay, time to scale back to the article.

The best time for fishing is before dawn and after dusk when fish are closer to the surface. When the air gets warm, it attracts bugs that linger around humid areas. Since fish eat these bugs, it will attract them to the surface of the water, which provides a great opportunity for catching. When it gets hot, fish tend to retreat to deeper waters to stay cool, so avoid fishing in the afternoon. A local fishing shop should let you know exactly what equipment you need, including the most effective bait to catch fish in your geographic region.

Make sure to check the local fishing licensing requirements in your state before heading out.

Water Aerobics:

Water Aerobics is an aerobic exercise that usually takes place in a swimming pool. The physics of the water provides resistance, which makes it a challenging work-out. There are a variety of health benefits that come from water aerobics, this includes improving your balance and mobility, and because you’re immersed in water, it exercises all of the muscle groups.

There are often classes taught at gyms, public pools, and fitness centers. Check your local community to see what kind of water aerobics classes are available.


The summertime is a great time to enjoy the outdoors. You could go to a park, the lake, the beach… the whole world’s your frontier! Traditionally great picnic foods include sandwiches, wraps, apples, grapes, carrots, and pretzels. Just grab a blanket, throw it down in the grass, and bring your best picnic basket! Having a picnic can be perfect for watching the sunset as well. Summertime is officially here, and we want to wish you the best as you partake in these fun summertime activities. Do you have any other activities you’d like to add to the list? Let us know!