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All Data plans include unlimited data, speeds are throttled after high speed data allotment.
5G and 4G LTE high speed data available depending on device compatibility.

Why Switch to a Snapfōn Family Plan?

Buy more, save more

Buy More, Save More

With our “Buy More, Save More” approach, the more lines you add to your plan, the greater your savings become. Our plans are designed to be flexible, affordable, and tailored to you, ensuring that everyone stays connected without compromising on quality or affordability.

No Overage Fees

With our no overage fee policy, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’ll never incur additional unforeseen charges. Focus on staying connected with your loved ones without worrying about bill shock.

It Starts with Two

A Snapfōn Family Plan means one account, one bill, and simply two or more lines – you don’t even have to be related. Snapfōn offers discounts on additional lines, save up to $10 per line.

Choose Your Lines

First choose how many lines you’ll need and both a plan and device for each line. Don’t need a device? No problem! Simply select Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).


Activation is super simple! You will receive step-by-step activation instructions after purchase to your email.

Snapfōn User Account

The Snapfōn User account allows users to view and pay bills, update personal information, manage additional services, access support resources, and receive important notifications and updates from Snapfōn.

Bring Your Own Phone or Choose a Device from Snapfōn

With a Snapfōn family plan you can decide for each line if you want to Bring Your Own Device or get a new phone from Snapfōn such as the ez4G or ezFlip 4G Senior Easy to Use Cell Phone OR choose from an array of the latest Smartphone options.

Snapfōn’s Flexible Family Plans

Need two lines? That’s a Family! If you need more than 5 lines simply give us a call at 800-937-1532 and we’d be happy to work with you. Have an unlocked phone you love – Bring Your Own Device to the Snapfōn Network. If you’re looking for a new device, we have fantastic options for everyone in your family.

Who Can Build a Family Plan?

Building Snapfōn Family Plan is simple and accessible for anyone, requiring just two or more lines under one shared billing. This flexibility ensures that all multiline accounts of all sizes and configurations can enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive Family Plan services and savings.

By consolidating multiple lines into a single account, families can streamline their mobile expenses, simplify billing management, and enjoy cost savings. With a Snapfōn Family Plans, connectivity becomes effortless and affordable, empowering families to stay connected without the hassle of managing multiple accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Snapfōn Family Plan is a mobile service offering that allows multiple lines to be bundled together under one account, providing shared data, talk, and text allowances for lines within the account.

Snapfōn Family Plans are designed to accommodate families of varying sizes, typically starting with a minimum of two lines. Additional lines can be added as needed to suit the family’s requirements up to five lines. If more than 5 lines are needed Customer Service can assist you by calling 800-937-1532.

Some benefits of a Snapfōn Family Plan include consolidated billing, cost savings compared to individual plans, shared data allowances, simplified management, and the convenience of having all family members on one account.

Yes, Snapfōn Family Plans offer flexibility, allowing you to select different plans for each family member based on their individual needs. This ensures that everyone gets the right amount of data, talk, and text allowances.

You can manage your Snapfōn Family Plan online through your account portal, where you can view and pay bills, manage line settings, and access customer support resources.

If you exceed your data allowance on a Snapfōn Family Plan, your data speeds may be reduced until the next billing cycle. This prevents unexpected overage charges and ensures uninterrupted connectivity for all family members. Because we are flexible, if you find someone’s usage needs change you can find a plan that’s a better fit.

Yes, you can add a new line to your Snapfōn Family Plan at any time, making it easy to accommodate new family members or changing needs. Snapfōn is prepaid so you pay for the upcoming month ahead of time, this makes it easy to adjust plans without being locked into a contract.

Snapfōn often offers discounts of $5 off per line for accounts with 2-3 lines and $10 off per line for 4-5 lines. Check the website or contact customer support for information on additional promotions and current offers.

Yes! Easily add a smartwatch to any Snapfōn Family Plan for only $5 per month.